Saturday, April 18, 2020

Jewish synogage Essays (520 words) - Sabbath, Religion, Time

Morgan Baker Professor Wilhite PHI353-DE March 31, 2019 Jewish Synagogue: A Gangster's Daughter I visited the Jewish Synagogue named "Temple Beth EL" right here in riverside. I got the opportunity to attend a lecture series that dealt with Jews and the Law. Marcia Rosen was the guest speaker and she spoke about her book titled "The Gangster's Daughter" and she opened up her message by saying "Our history and experiences can define us, inspire our actions, and as writers impact our words and stories. Mine most definitely has my father was a small-time gangster". She explains that she grew up in an unusual enviroment to some but an everyday reality to her. Gangster is a word that is not commonly used in a church setting however, her story is far from the norm. she spoke about how she visited her dad's gambling hall, a place hidden behind closed doors which could be referred to some as speakeasies so to speak . In her kitchen at home, she would always see her dad counting money and she was always confused as to how he was able to become so affluent without any subtle changes in employment. Although her home life was a lot different from other teenagers, he life in public was altered as well. She shared that when she was out on the town and one of her fathers' associates were present, they always picked up the check. Just as Hollywood tends to glamorize the American gangsters Marcia did so as well since some of, he biggest role models were harden criminals. Not everything taught was about crime or pertained to crime because she did mention how morals had a strong presence and importance because quitting never an option generosity as well as trust were critical to survival. Some people may think generosity is an easy concept while in a crime enviroment because money is seen as a given commodity. G enerosity didn't always have to do with money jobs or favors were sometime more valuable than the motive behind the job. She mentioned her Jewish faith and that played a drastic role in her life. She talked about her religious life and mentioned her prayer life and with my knowledge of Jewish religion I am aware of their trait rules and regulations. Such as prayer which happens three times a day, dietary habits with limitations and several festivals and days of remembrance. I know that Jewish teaching does not fall in line with the doctrine of Christianity. Because there are t wo main reasons, I know that Christianity and Judaism are different by biblical text and the sabbath . Messianic Jews and Christians equally take hold of the entire Hebrew Bible along with the New Testament yet, many Messianic Jews choose to live by the first five books of the Bible, called the Torah . In comparisons to Christians, we abide by the entire bible from genesis to revelation. Regarding the Sabbath, Messianic Jewish people have sabbath starting before sunset on Friday evening until Saturda y night. In contrast, historically Christians have been having the Sabbath on Sundays .