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Should She Tell the Truth - Free Essay Example

Dr. Lance is in a resilient position because she has a decision to make. Dr. Lance knows that Mr. Battin is shorting prescriptions, and she knows that it is morally wrong for him to be doing this. Mr. Battin is the owner of the pharmacy, so she might be hesitant to inform the department that he has been lying and cheating his patients out of their full prescriptions. She could just pretend not to notice that he is doing this and turn a blind eye.. Mr. Battin is choosing his pharmacies wellbeing over his patients. Although hes choosing his pharmacy, he does not realize he is breaking the trust between his patients and himself, which is a very important key in running a business. You want to have trust with your patients. Dr. Batten isnt considering the principle of beneficence. He is not bringing out the good in his patients, but he is rather providing them with harm. Dr. Lance should feel that she has a moral obligation to her patients trust. The trust in her profession of pharmacy is being threatened by Mr. Battins faulty practice. She should realize that he r responsibilities are more complex and she should take the best interest in the patients wellbeing. I believe that the right decision for Dr. Lance to take is to report Mr. Battin and then inform all of the patients that have been shorted by him. Even with all his excuses and him saying that he is only shorting maintenance prescriptions, or that the patients come in for a refill before they run out, still does not make this morally acceptable. Mr. Battin is taking away these patients rights. In an article I read called The Five Rights of Medication Administration, the Vice President of the Safe Medication Practices (SMP), Judy Smetzer, talks about the five rights. These five rights are the right patient, the right drug, the right dose, the right route, and the right time. She talks about how we are quick to blame a nurse or practitioner when the five rights are broken. She simply states that the five rights should be followed as a goal and not a strict rule or law. I agree with Judy in this aspect because not all of the time is there a mistake made on purpose. But patients do have these simple five rights to ensure their being treated fairly and getting the best outcome. In this case with Mr. Battin, he knows that he is shorting peoples medications and he knows that it is morally wrong, but still continues to do it. It seems to me that Mr. Battin didnt even considering any of the harm that could possibly happen to his patients. He nonchalantly states, Its really a shame that advice column printed that letter. Well have to stop shorting maintenance prescriptions for a while until people get over the excitement and the need to count every prescription. This shows that Mr. Battin has no remorse for the wrongdoing he has committed. In this case, he is only thinking about himself. He thinks that just because hes shortening the maintenance prescriptions and that most have insurance, he isnt doing anything wrong. Mr. Battin is taking away his patients right to justice. It is unjust to short patients of their prescriptions just because they are maintenance prescriptions. He should be treating all his patients the same whether the different prescriptions are important or not. These patients are here getting cheated out of four pills in which they have paid for. Even if it is an insurance company paying for it, still, someone is still paying for something the patient is not getting. Mr. Janowski said, No offense meant, you understand. I just cant afford to pay for pills and not get them. In this case, he is actually hurting his patient who is directly paying for his medications. Mr. Janowski has three different cardiac maintenance medications, and lets put into perspective the fact that he is an elderly patient. For example, Mr. Janowski cant drive and someone drives him around. He might have planned to visit the Pharmacy and refill his pills on the day when he is taking his last pill. Since he was shorted four pills, he could have realized that he was short four days and maybe drove himself to the pharmacy. He could have put himself in danger along with everyone else around him. This is another example of Mr. Battin not in the favor of utility. he is not bringing out the favorable balance of good over the bad. He might think hes doing so because hes saving the department tablets, but not in the instance of the patient. He should be making sure they get their full, precise amount of prescriptions. Dr. Lance should report Mr. Battin and tell the truth. The truth should be told because it is a right, a utility, and a kindness. With Kantian ethics, Dr. Lance would be doing the morally right thing by telling the truth even if it produces some bad, like Mr. Batten being fired or suspended. She may not know the outcome, but if she were to lie and bad things happen, its just as much her fault as it is Mr. Battins. I believe that telling a lie is wrong no matter what and will always have a negative consequence. Universality would agree because judgements apply in all circumstances, big or small. In this case, this is a big deal because he could physically harm a patient and others around, or close to, that patient. Either decision she makes, Mr. Battin is not doing the morally correct thing. Dr. Lance has to decide if she wants to do the morally right thing or just turn her head and allow him to continue his malpractice with these patients. Its not reasonable for her to keep it to her self because if she reported Mr. Battin, she is helping out more than one patient, the pharmacy altogether, and herself. If she were to keep it to herself, she is only helping Mr. Battin. So again, she needs to utilize her patients wellbeing over Mr. Battins corruption, and produce the maximum good over bad.

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Nucleic Acid Measurements - 1302 Words

Lecture 8 Nucleic Acid-Based Measurements Text Chapter 13 Wednesday, July 24, 2013 Total community DNA †¢ Extract DNA from soil – – – – remove cells from soil separate cells from soil lyse cells separate DNA from cells – purify DNA †¢ Extract DNA from soil – Extract DNA from cells in presence of soil †¢ Bead-beating †¢ chemical or enzymatic treatment – Sodium dodecyl sulfate or lysozyme Wednesday, July 24, 2013 DNA purification †¢ Cesium chloride gradient centrifugation †¢ Kits Low density DNA High density Wednesday, July 24, 2013 Visualizing nucleic acidsBlotting †¢ Southern blotting – DNA †¢ Northern blotting – RNA Wednesday, July 24, 2013 Agarose gel electrophoresis - Stain gel with ethidium†¦show more content†¦ednesday, July 24, 2013 50  µm Combining ELF and CF319a probes to determine what portion of the PO4aseactive cells in floc fall within cytophaga-flavobacteria group ELFTM PO4ase CF319a FISH probe activity FISH probe PO4ase activity 17% of total community PO4ase activity contributed by cytophaga Wednesday, July 24, 2013 Summary FISH provides information on – Presence of specific populations – Morphology of specific populations – Relative numerical contribution of specific populations to total community – Spatial relationships between populations – Functions associated with specific populations Wednesday, July 24, 2013 Gene probe detection of a DNA sequence Digoxigenin (DIG) Probes range in size from 18-100bp ssDNA Denatured ssDNA from suspect bacterium Wednesday, July 24, 2013 Alternative gene probe detection of a DNA sequence Wednesday, July 24, 2013 Exploring microbial activity †¢Need to know sequence of gene being expressed †¢Alternatively, use random hexamer primers, then sequence cDNA product to identify gene being expressed Wednesday, July 24, 2013 Reverse transcriptase PCR (RT-PCR) †¢ Make single-strand cDNA from mRNA – downstream antisense primer or random hexamer and RT to make complete cDNA copy of RNA molecule †¢ Use cDNA, DNA polymerase, and a downstream primer in conventional PCR – extension leads to double-stranded DNA †¢ Regular PCR of dsDNA Wednesday, July 24, 2013 Applications of RT-PCR †¢ Detection ofShow MoreRelatedFiber Sensors For Bio Sensing1289 Words   |  6 Pagesdetection of the analyte. This analyte has a function to join physicochemical detectors and the components that are biological. A sensitive biological element includes cell receptors, organelles, enzymes, tissues, antibodies, microorganisms and nucleic acids. This element that is sensitive biological is a kind of bio-mimetic or a biological material which binds with the analyte during the study. There is another way to create biological sensitive elements and that is biological engineering throughRead MoreScience Study Of The Natural World1270 Words   |  6 Pagesneutrons Adhesion - the attraction that sticks two different materials together Surface Tension - the force in liquids that attempts to minimize surface area Electrolysis - the process where an electric current is passed through an ionized solution Amino Acid - the building blocks of proteins Polymerization - the process that creates polymers Catalyst - a material that speeds up a chemical reaction Activation Energy - the minimum amount of energy needed to start a chemical reaction Denature - remove naturalRead MoreWhat Is The Purity Check Of DNA?982 Words   |  4 Pagesbut are generally higher, which may mean that there are traces of RNA present in the sample since the expected value for RNA is around 2.0. Finally, the purity check regarding the A260/230 ratio is significantly lower than the expected 1.8 for nucleic acids since they ended up being closer to around 0.41, which is even further away from the theoretical value compared to those yielded from the precipitation method samples in table 2. b. The NanoDrop machine essentially calculates the concentrationRead MoreThe Resistance Of Bacteria And Antibiotics1615 Words   |  7 Pagesviruses which consist of a nucleic acid molecule in a protein coat, which is only able to multiply only within the living cells of a host. Physically, they are made up of a protein coat called a capsid. This is a protein shell that encases the nucleic acid. This shell is made up of protein arranged into subunits known as capsomers. They are closely associated with the nucleic acid and mirror its configuration. The capsid has three functions: firstly, it protects the nucleic acid from digestion by enzymesRead MoreIntroduction Immunosensor or commonly known as Biosensor came together by combining a biological1100 Words   |  5 Pages There are three components that made up a biosensor- bioreceptor, bio transducer and electronic system. a. Bioreceptor is also known as bio-recognition component. ïÆ' ¨ It is where it uses biomolecules from organisms such as enzymes, antibodies, nucleic acid and a cell as a whole. It is design to interact with the specific analyte of interest to produce an effect measurable by the transducer. ïÆ' ¨ The key requirement for a bioreceptor is that needed to have a high selectivity for the analyte among theRead MoreResearch Methods And Design : Cell Types860 Words   |  4 Pagesresonance imaging, coated with a novel copolymer (CP-PEI) comprised of short chain polyethylenimine (PEI) and poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) grafted to the natural polysaccharide, chitosan (CP), which allows efficient loading and protection of the nucleic acids.8 PEG will be grafted to depolymerized chitosan (chitosan-g-PEG or CP). CP coated iron oxide nanoparticles (NP-CP) are prepared in the presence of chitosan-g-PEG by the co-precipitation of ferrous and ferric chlorides with ammonium hydroxide. TheRead MoreLiterature Reviews On Biosensors And Risk Perpection And Communications1614 Words   |  7 Pagescells. Given that the nucleic acid aptamers function in vivo across blood plasma, it limitations has proven not to be efficient and accurate in cancer diagnosis. Due to its polynucleotides nature, n ucleic acid aptamers are naturally susceptible to enzymes degradation by exo-nucleases or enod-nucleases, leading to a reduced in vivo circulatory half-life [16]. The use of aptamers in animal models of disease and in human is seen to have reduced stability of natural nucleic acids in biological media [17]Read MorePollution from Synthetic Dyes1379 Words   |  6 Pagesforbidden with normal atmospheric triplet oxygen. 1.3.4 Sulfide Analysis The formation of methylene blue after the reaction of hydrogen sulphide with dimethyl-p-phenylenediamine and iron (III) at pH 0.4 – 0.7 is utilized to focus by photometric measurements. Sulfide concentration in the range of (20 ppb to 1.5 ppm). The test is highly delicate and sensitive and the blue coloration developing upon contact of the reagents with dissolved H2S is stable for 60 min. Ready-to-use kits for example the SpectroquantRead MoreWater Is Convenient Environment For Microorganisms Growth1709 Words   |  7 Pagesquantify antigens that may still be present and reactive in noninfectious or inactivated microbes involve defined substrate methods, fast detections using chromogenic substances, application of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, IMS/ culture. measurements ÃŽ ²-D-glucuronidase activity was experimentally measured by using colored or fluorescent markers that change color after enzyme action. The identification based on enzyme ÃŽ ²-glucuronidase (product of gene uidA) specific to 94-97% of E.coli is monitoredRead MoreThe Effect Of Water Temperature On The Health Of An Estuary1661 Words   |  7 Pagesmay occur naturally, for example in shallow water overlying seagrass areas, higher than expected pH values may indicate blooms of phytoplankton or macroalgae. What factors affect PH level? Pollution generated from rain events, such as acid runoff from exposed acid sulphate soils on land, can drain into an estuary and reduce pH values dramatically. Alternatively, biological processes of photosynthesis associated with plants and algae can raise pH levels well above the normal marine range through removal

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Essay about The Use of Recombinant DNA Technology - 844 Words

The Use of Recombinant DNA Technology Recombinant DNA technology is the technology of preparing recombinant DNA in vitro by cutting up DNA molecules and splicing together fragments from more than one organism.(1) This is the process of using recombinant DNA technology to enable the rapid production of human protein from a single gene of insulin. Firstly the single gene required must be isolated. This can be done three ways: Either by working backwards from the protein- Finding the amino acid sequence for the protein needed, the order of bases can be established using known genetic code. New DNA can be made from this sequence of bases resulting in artificial gene made from complementary DNA. By†¦show more content†¦They are short circular strands of DNA found in some bacteria. The joining process is controlled by the enzyme ligase and is called ligation. The new circular DNA molecule produced is called recombinant DNA as it contains genes from the original plasmid and the human gene. Finally if to discover if the uptake of DNA had been successful a gene for antibiotic resistance is used. If bacterial cells have successfully taken up the recombinant DNA then it will be resistant to the antibiotic. They are then grown in fermentors. Cells that have not taken up the DNA will be killed by the antibiotic. (3) Recombinant DNA technology has many different uses. It is used for genetically engineered micro organisms. This is when human genes are inserted into bacteria which are then grown in fermentors. The bacteria then produce a human protein. So, large amounts of insulin and human growth hormone can be produced cheaply. It is used to map human chromosomes (The human genome project). The aim of this is to create a map of all the human chromosomes identifying the precise location of every gene. This will help to develop a new gene therapy treatment It can be use for identification of mutations-people may be tested for the presence of mutated proteins that may be associated with breast cancer, retinoblastoma, and neurofibromatosis. It can be used forShow MoreRelatedThe Debated Applications of Recombinant DNA Technology Essay703 Words   |  3 Pagesâ€Å"[...] any technological application that uses biological systems, living organisms, or derivatives thereof, to make or modify products or processes for specific use.† This statement is often used to describe the fundamental aim of biotechnology around the world. Karl Ereky, one of the foremost proponents of the term biotechnology foresaw that â€Å"merging biology and technology could be used to transform living substances into products that are more useful than in their natural state,† thus benefitingRead MoreThe Potential Of Manipulating Genetic Engineering1571 Words   |  7 Pagesproducts to consume. With two conflicting stances on this DNA technology, there essentially cannot be a resolution to this controversy; only arguments and reasons. However, what exactly is each side’s rationale? Through observation and analyzation, each stance’s reasonings will appear; as well as vital information about this DNA Technology itself. Also, this will allow me to confirm my beliefs on this controversial topic. As of right now, the technology appears to effectively split the human society, inRead MoreThe Use Of Recombinant Dna For Science And Medicine909 Words   |  4 PagesThe use of recombinant DNA technology has been a huge advancement to science. In the early 1970s the first recombinant DNA was produced (â€Å"1972 First†, 2013). Researchers Stanley Cohen and Hebert Boyer used restriction enzymes to cut DNA at specific sites, and then fused them back together to form their recombinant vector (â€Å"1972 First†, 2013; Cederbaum, S., et al., 1984). Through transformation the vector is then inserted into a host cell to amplify their hybrid DNA, also known as recombinant DNARead MoreDna And Ethics Of Recombinant Dna1601 Words   |  7 Pages Recombinant DNA and Ethics Brooke Boland BIO/410 - Genetics October 23, 2017 Miranda Gauthier Recombinant DNA and Ethics Recombinant DNA technology has become a powerful influence to many fields including medicine, pharmaceuticals and agriculture. Genetic modifications of plants, animals and other organisms have allowed scientists to improve the quality of human life. As genetic engineering continues to rapidly grow, many ethical, social and legal issues arise evaluating the risksRead MoreThe Field Of Bioinformatics Is The Process Of Technology1598 Words   |  7 Pages1. In your own words, describe what the field of bioinformatics is; write one paragraph (about 300 words) about this; be very descriptive. The field of bioinformatics is the process of technology by the use of computers (BioPlanet, 2015). This field manages biological information (BioPlanet, 2015). We all use computers on a regular basis, but computers are capable of much more they can store biological information, gather this information, analyze and integrate genetic information as well (BioPlanetRead MoreThe Human Of Recombinant Bacteria1649 Words   |  7 PagesRecombinant bacteria is a bacterium cell that has had its genome changed, by the alteration, or edition of a gene. Recombinant DNA is DNA that has been artificially prepared by cutting DNA into smaller fragments and joining fragments together, that would not normally be found together naturally- even fragments taken from different organisms.( Principles of Gene Manipulation sixth edition, S.B. Primrose, R.M. Twyman and R.W. Old ) DNA can be cut using the enzyme Restriction endonuclease, which recognisesRead MoreEssay on Facts of Cloning1032 Words   |   5 Pagescloning. This may be the most popular type of cloning known in society, but there are two others used in the scientific community. The two types are, recombinant DNA cloning (DNA cloning), and therapeutic cloning. The type of cloning used for Dolly was reproductive cloning, which is, a technology used to generate an animal that has the same nuclear DNA as another animal that is currently in existence or once was. More specifically there is a process known as SCNT (somatic cell nuclear transfer). Read MoreThe Benefits of Genetic Engineering Essay1459 Words   |  6 PagesThere are many aspects of genetic engineering and to thoroughly understand it looking into each is absolutely necessary. In order to understand genetic engineering, the key terms in this controversy that must be defined are the following: recombinant DNA technology, cloning, gene therapy, and the humane genome project. Genetic engineering is the alteration of genetic material by direct intervention in the genetic processes with the purpose of producing new substances or improving functions ofRead MoreBiotechnology Research Paper1794 Words   |  7 Pagesmost advanced form was microbial fermentation. This was mostly used for food preservation and alcoholic beverages. Although that technology is stilled used, it as been integrated with the recombinant DNA technology, allowing for a more specialized approach therefore widening the range of products the technology can be used for. With the addition of recombinant DNA technology scientists have been able to manufacture human insulin, the hepatitis B vaccine, the calf enzyme used in cheese- making, biodegradableRead MoreDna Lab Report1345 Words   |  6 Pages The genomic DNA sample concentration of 28.5 ng/ÃŽ ¼L and its A260/A280 ratio of 1.85 indicates that the DNA was relatively pure since a 260/280 ratio of ~1.8 is generally accepted as pure for DNA (Cox, Doudna O’Donnell, 2015). The ratio of white colonies to blue colonies observed on the blue-white screen plate was 31:37, which shows that there was a greater number of E. coli DH5-ÃŽ ± that did not contain the plasmid with the foreign gene insert. Therefore, out of all of the E. coli DH5-ÃŽ ± cells that

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Compare And Contrast The Star And The Necklace Essay Example For Students

Compare And Contrast The Star And The Necklace Essay Compare And Contrast The Star And The NecklaceThe story The Star, which was written in 1970s, is trying to say that we need to understand the truth of our fate rather than put on blinders and quit refusing everything else that we dont want to see. In the story The Necklace written by Guy De Maupassant the woman worked herself to the bone for ten years trying to pay off the debt used to pay for the necklace she lost at the ball. The woman in this story is a poor pretty woman who thought she deserved a better life than one that she already had. The main character in this story is a woman named Louis, the daughter of simple working class man. Both stories include a sub theme of a hope for a better life, in which all men were created equal and all the ugly injustices in the world would cease to exist. But the cold hard fact is that we humans have this innate sense of optimism, which blocks our thinking for reality, because without it we would have no reason for living. In the case of the woman in the story The necklace the object being the necklace which she eventually loses and tries to replace. Instead of hiding the truth and facing the music, which was harder, to take than when she lied. The old adage which says, What a tangled web weave when we first start to deceive. We humans cant handle the truth. We think we know what is the truth. What that really is just bullshit. Its arrogance-playing tricks on our minds making us think we are in control of our lives. If we really were in control of our lives then why cant we control every little aspect of it that gives discomfort? Because we cant, because we dont know how, and eventually the truth will show that is we dont what the truth really is. Using the slippery slope logic one can conclude that the two stories are more similar than they are different but because the assignment at hand requires for me to compare and contrast in an illustrative manner then I guess I should start. In the story the Star the setting is on a rocket ship with astronauts and the setting in the necklace is old France in the late 1970s. The Star is a science fiction story while the necklace is an illustrative story. In the necklace the story is told from the third people point of view compared to the Stars point of view is in the first person. The necklace discusses the social classes distinction in detail while in the star is describes the Astrology in detail. The person who wrote the necklace was French was illustrative the author of the star was clearly American. The main focus of the story is based on the importance of having money while the star is about the survival of the fittest. But the cold hard fact is that we humans have this innate sense of optimism, which blocks our thinking for reality, because without it we would have no reason for living. In the case of the woman in the story The necklace the object being the necklace which she eventually loses and tries to replace. Instead of hiding the truth and facing the music, which was harder, to take than when she lied. The old adage which says, What a tangled web weave when we first start to deceive. We humans cant handle the truth. We think we know what is the truth. What that really is just bullshit. Its arrogance-playing tricks on our minds making us think we are in control of our lives. If we really were in control of our lives then why cant we control every little aspect of it that gives discomfort? Because we cant, because we dont know how, and eventually the truth will show that is we dont what the truth really is. Using the slippery slope logic one can conclude that the two stories are more similar than they are different but because the assignment at hand requires for me to compare and contrast in an illustrative manner then I guess I should start. In the story the Star the setting is on a rocket ship with astronauts and the setting in the necklace is old France in the late 1970s. The Star is a science fiction story while the necklace is an illustrative story. In the necklace the story is told from the third people point of view compared to the Stars point of view is in the first person. The necklace discusses the social classes distinction in detail while in the star is describes the Astrology in detail. The person who wrote the necklace was French was illustrative the author of the star was clearly American. The main focus of the story is based on the importance of having money while the star is about the survival of the fittest. The similarities in both stories include that both deal with theme of hope. One is more graphic in the account of survival as portrayed in the star but the details in how the girl had to work hard in how each detail in her work day was shown through words was illustrative. Both deal with the issue of false pretense that living a certain life would bring true happiness, which in both case should that it didnt. The dismal setting Star is in contrast with the grandeur at which the Necklace is played out. The false hope that we control our own destiny is both misinterpreted by everyone. That is why these two stories, which are about two different subjects, seem to have the same effect on a person, which is depression. .

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Jewish synogage Essays (520 words) - Sabbath, Religion, Time

Morgan Baker Professor Wilhite PHI353-DE March 31, 2019 Jewish Synagogue: A Gangster's Daughter I visited the Jewish Synagogue named "Temple Beth EL" right here in riverside. I got the opportunity to attend a lecture series that dealt with Jews and the Law. Marcia Rosen was the guest speaker and she spoke about her book titled "The Gangster's Daughter" and she opened up her message by saying "Our history and experiences can define us, inspire our actions, and as writers impact our words and stories. Mine most definitely has my father was a small-time gangster". She explains that she grew up in an unusual enviroment to some but an everyday reality to her. Gangster is a word that is not commonly used in a church setting however, her story is far from the norm. she spoke about how she visited her dad's gambling hall, a place hidden behind closed doors which could be referred to some as speakeasies so to speak . In her kitchen at home, she would always see her dad counting money and she was always confused as to how he was able to become so affluent without any subtle changes in employment. Although her home life was a lot different from other teenagers, he life in public was altered as well. She shared that when she was out on the town and one of her fathers' associates were present, they always picked up the check. Just as Hollywood tends to glamorize the American gangsters Marcia did so as well since some of, he biggest role models were harden criminals. Not everything taught was about crime or pertained to crime because she did mention how morals had a strong presence and importance because quitting never an option generosity as well as trust were critical to survival. Some people may think generosity is an easy concept while in a crime enviroment because money is seen as a given commodity. G enerosity didn't always have to do with money jobs or favors were sometime more valuable than the motive behind the job. She mentioned her Jewish faith and that played a drastic role in her life. She talked about her religious life and mentioned her prayer life and with my knowledge of Jewish religion I am aware of their trait rules and regulations. Such as prayer which happens three times a day, dietary habits with limitations and several festivals and days of remembrance. I know that Jewish teaching does not fall in line with the doctrine of Christianity. Because there are t wo main reasons, I know that Christianity and Judaism are different by biblical text and the sabbath . Messianic Jews and Christians equally take hold of the entire Hebrew Bible along with the New Testament yet, many Messianic Jews choose to live by the first five books of the Bible, called the Torah . In comparisons to Christians, we abide by the entire bible from genesis to revelation. Regarding the Sabbath, Messianic Jewish people have sabbath starting before sunset on Friday evening until Saturda y night. In contrast, historically Christians have been having the Sabbath on Sundays .

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buy custom The Positive Side of Pacifism essay

buy custom The Positive Side of Pacifism essay Pacifism is a topic that has elicited fierce debates in many parts of the world, with people having varied opinions about it. However, pacifism can be preferable in some situations although it can be irrelevant at times. In many cases, pacifism of any nature whether it is religious or political has more benefits when applied compared to when it is not. This is because the sole philosophy behind this concept is opposed to war, or it proposes peaceful settlement of conflicts. In other words, pacifism has more things that are positive and should be embraced in most if not all situations. Peaceful approaches in solving disputes can be said to be beneficial to a society in a number of factors. First, war is an expensive affair. This means that using war to solve conflicts comes with immense budgetary repercussions that are left in the hands of a countrys budget. This means that a country can spend a lot of money pursuing its enemies by means of war and destroy lives. For instance, the engagement of the United States of America is the Middle East is a historical event that has led to colossal unnecessary federal spending. The United States reportedly experienced economic down turn with some economists attributing this to the military operations in the Middle East. In addition, many soldiers have lost their lives in the war, leading to a public demand that the war be terminated. It is arguably true that these huge sums of money could not have been spent if peaceful approaches were used. After all, the region is still unstable, meaning that war could not have been the bes t way to solve the problem. Pacifists can use this argument to support their views especially by using the results of war. Pacifism is also sensitive to the future ofthe human race. This is because it is built upon the fact that war can destroy an entire society. This implies that war can lead to wiping of an entire population and even lead to long-term effects of the war. A good example of this possibility is the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki using atomic bombs. From this event, people living around this place are still affected by the chemicals that are used to make such weapons. Some people are born with biological defects while other suffered different health problems from the effects of the bombs. If peaceful negotiations were used by the involved countries, this could not have happened and the effects seen today would not have been there. If pacifism is also sought in the current stalemate between Iran and the United States, another effect of war such as the one witnessed in Japan could be avoided. A case for humanitarian intervention As much as people may want to be left alone to enjoy freedom, the world should regulate and monitor how this is done. The monitoring should be done via intergovernmental operations. This means that humanitarian intervention should be coordinated and supervise ethically for the benefit of the targeted populations. This should be the new rule because collective measures are likely to yield fair and just reason as to why a war should be launched in certain cases. This means that there should be a collective responsibility of justifying a war, especially when defending the innocent. According to the just war theory, war should be used sensibly especially by controlling the manner in which armed forces are organized. Such organizations should reach an agreement to venture into a war if there are sufficient reasons to do so, especially on humanitarian groundss. This implies that weapons should be handled in the most humane manner with the ultimate aim of establishing peace and justice. The Arab revolution in the recent past is a superb example of how just war can be used. It was evident beyond a reasonable doubt that the people of Libya have suffered so much in the hands of their slain leader Muammar Gaddafi. The decision by NATO to launch attacks against that Gaddafi regime was reached after it was agreed that these people deserved their freedom back. Although the decision by the allied forces attracted some criticism from some quotas, it can be defended by the fact that involved countries have no common political interests. The ongoing debate about Syria is a case that can be used to sort out the question of who to protect and who not to protect on a humanitarian basis. The ruling regime that has been branded as autocratic by the people of Syria is equally determined that it crashes any opposition that may arise. The incidents there show that it may be impossible for ordinary citizens to free themselves. Under such a situation, a just war approach should be considered with the aim of identifying who to protect. If what we see in such incidents is anything to go by, then a humanitarian action ought to be taken in the form of war for the sake of the citizens. The most valuable thing is to use a new intervention rule that will involve a reasonable global venture. Otherwise, deliberating about such decision individually may not work well because any war that would benefit a nation will be justified, leading a war prone world. The reason why there have been frequent wars after the World War II is that involv ed nations had private agendas, some of which were not accomplished to hitherto. Therefore, a war should be justified on an international platform. Buy custom The Positive Side of Pacifism essay

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Price Ceiling and Price Floor Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Price Ceiling and Price Floor - Research Paper Example Defined in the simplest of terms, price controls can be defined as the definition of a certain maximum or minimum level of the prices by the Government at which a good will be available in the market. The two most basic level of price control mechanisms undertaken by the Government are Price Ceiling and Price Floor. The Price Ceiling is the maximum price at which a good can be sold in the market whereas Price Floor is the minimum price at which the good will be sold in the market. While price Ceiling is generally meant to save consumer interest, the price floor is intended towards saving the interest of the supplier. Price Ceilings can be categorized into two types: Binding Price ceilings are the one which is at a level lower than the equilibrium price and hence has a significant impact on the market equilibrium. Non-binding price ceilings are set at a level higher than the equilibrium level. Examples of price ceiling include setting up rent control in New York, while the setting of minimum wages is an example of a price floor. Price floors are often imposed during crises like wars, droughts or natural disasters. Price floors are generally set for agricultural products to save the interest of the farmers. Indonesia, where more than 20% of the population is below the poverty line, Government takes active participation in controlling the prices. In order to curb inflation, the Government of Indonesia has time and again imposed control on the price of rising. The price control is also aimed at helping farmers. Prior to this, the Government had imposed price controls on cement because of the strategic nature of the industry. The Government set a maximum retail price at which cement could be sold and allocated production and distribution quotas amongst all the players.  

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Provide Information about Shadowing Experience of a Nurse Practitioner Essay

Provide Information about Shadowing Experience of a Nurse Practitioner in a Primary Care Physician Office - Essay Example This paper will explain the shadowing experience of a nurse practitioner in a primary care physician’s office. The care provided by nurse practitioners significantly varies from one country to another. The Pearson Report contains all the duties that are supposed to be performed by nurse practitioners. Further analysis also proves that nurse practitioners can perform several duties in different institutions including health centers, nursing homes, unique clinics and learning institutions (Buppert, 2003). Furthermore, nurse practitioners are licensed after completing the practitioner’s program. Advancements in the discipline of nursing began in the mid-20th century. Research asserts that most of the changes in the field of nursing were implemented in this era. The office of primary care was set up in order to improve the accessibility, availability and value of care to individuals of a certain area. The primary care offices are liable for supplying primary care providers in various countries. In most states, the primary care unit has established a work plan that is designed to augment the supply of primary care physicians in order to meet the health care requirements. This work plan also entails the training programs which are employed in primary care, the primary care shadowing program and elective chances in primary care. The work plan also deals with the development of incentives for primary care. Such incentives include increasing the salaries of the primary care specialists and loan repayment factors (Buppert, 2003). Most health care companies prefer nurse practitioners who have significant physician assistant shadowing. Most health care experts usually undergo a shadowing experience which involves primary care. According to statistics in different countries, majority of patients originate from low and middle income populations. For example, in South Africa, most of the patients originate from the middle-class individuals; therefore, the primar y care centers in such regions employ many health care professionals (Buppert, 2003). In the past, health care students mostly participated in various projects, which were considered as voluntary actions (Buppert, 2003). These projects were executed because the profession of nursing practitioners is regulated by the country. In the recent past, it was reported that there is a shortage of primary care physicians in most of the health centers globally. In fact, most individuals developed the idea of substituting the primary care providers with nurse practitioners. To some extent, the nurses are able to act as substitutes for primary care providers since, they are quite learned. The primary care givers are responsible for the provision of several functions in health care. Some of the tasks performed by the primary care givers include; accessing the medical needs of the patients and comprehensive care of patients. Primary care physicians account to around 50% of the annual office visits that are made by physicians (Wexler, 2010). In fact, the primary care physicians are the only individuals who are able to provide proper health care that addresses a majority of the patients. This form of care has substantially yielded sustained partnership within community members and patients. Utilization of the primary care services has also reduced mortality and morbidity rates. These factors prove that primary care serv

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Directing and Acting an Extract FromA View From he Bridge Essay Example for Free

Directing and Acting an Extract FromA View From he Bridge Essay Directing and acting in an extract of the book was great fun. Especially the extract that we had chosen as it set a challenge, with many events that have to be dealt with maturely. Plot/ Theme We choose the scene of when Eddie kisses Catherine and Rodolfo because we felt that it was a scene of great importance to the structure of the play. Eddie before hand had shown very little jealousy of Rodolfo and Catherine, but in this scene it is the first time we can clearly see it. This display of jealousy also turned Eddies and Catherines relationship, then again their love and friendship had been rumbling ever since Rodolfo had arrived, but this really was the moment where the relationship had really become obvious that it had completely changed from the start of the book. This fight also results in Catherine leaving the home, another point in the play that is very important. I dont now about the rest of the group, but I also choose this section because it was a challenge worth taking on. I knew that many of the other people would choose the immigration officers section, but that seemed very boring and so I thought this section would be a better, more challenging section. This section really deals with the power of Catherines love for Rodolfo and how the love that once fell apon Eddie had gone. Catherines love for Rodolfo was so strong that she abandons the father she had cared for all her life. On a less serious note it also deals with the seriousness of drunkenness, as it can cause huge problems and can also make you do really stupid things, things that youd never do, like kiss people that youd never kiss. Characterisation This section also allowed us to reveal huge amount about the characters. Rodolfo: Rodolfo reveals a huge amount about his character, especially when it is such a small section, but then again it shows how important this extract is to the play. It is quite clear that Rodolfo loves Catherine, so much so that hed be willing to put his life and dignity on the line just to be able to love and to be with her. This is very clear when he gets into a fight with Eddie, although he already knew that hed be beaten (When he was boxing with Eddie, he had been hurt by eddies punch). Now this is shown particularly when Rodolfo tells Eddie Dont (pulls on Eddies arm) Stop that! Have respect for her! Now the pull of the arm was very important, and the whole way in which Rodolfo acts out his words afterwards. Now through out the play we had all thought, including Eddie himself had thought that Rodolfo was a soft touch, a man who didnt really like the prospect of a fight. But this scene reveals that he is willing and when he says Dont say that to me! Rodolfo flies at him in attack. It reveals a whole new Rodolfo. It is also the first time Rodolfo style in talking about the bird being freed. It shows that he knows how to make a women happy with words saying Catherine. If I take in my hands a little bird. And she grows and wishes to fly. But I will not let her out of my hands because I love her so much, is that right for me to do? I dont say you must hate him; but anyway you must go, musnt you? which is exactly what Catherine wanted to hear. Catherine: Catherine reveals very little in comparison to Rodolfo as she, for most of our extract is in the background of Eddies and Rodolfos argument. But even then she reveals one very important factor, and that is that she wants to leave home with Rodolfo, the past love for Eddie had not gone but the desire to be with him everyday had. Catherine shows this in very obvious places such as when she says Im going with him it is quite clear that she is wanting to get away. She also shows the first sings of being afraid of Eddie (trembling with fright) I think I have to get out of here. The easiest ways to show this desire to get away would be to, when she had has her arm held by Eddie, is to rip it away in aggression I think I cant stay here no more. ( she frees her arm, steps back towards the bedroom). Now this done aggressively would surely give Eddie the sign that she doesnt want to be there anymore and hopefully the audience as well. Eddie: Eddie, out of the three characters reveals the most. He fina;;y shows just how much he wants Catherine by kissing her. He then reveals to Catherine what he thinks of Rodolfo by kissing him as well. Beforehand he had repeatedly told Alfieri he just aint right Of course it is a big issue abut why Eddie kissed Rodolfo. He had always considered Rodolfo to be homosexual Yeah, but if he aint right, Mr Alfieri, you mean to tell me-. He sang, danced, and had blonde hair, mentioning all three to Alfieri, but was the kiss really used to prove that what he had thought was true? The truth was that Eddie didnt want to lose Catherine, to nobody, so he tries in anyway possible to try and put her of him. Eddie also demonstrates just how aggressive he can be. We show this when he repeatedly grabs her arm to stop her from walking away Pack it up. Go ahead. Get your stuff and get outa here. (Catherine instantly turns and walks towards the bedroom and Eddie grabs her arm) Where you goin? But Eddie also reveals a soft side to him. This is very obvious as Eddie starts to cry Im sorry, Eddie (She sees the tears in his eyes) This is the first time we see Eddie with real emotions for anyone, not even Beatrice. We can only hope that in order to show this on stage is to make it as meaningful as possible. Dramatic Qualities Now putting this all on to stage was not easy to say the least. As students it was very hard to get the love scene at the start right, but the hardest was definitely the kissing scenes Eddie had to perform. We as a group had to first agree on the various roles we were to play, Haakon agreed to play the part of Rodolfo, Natasha as Catherine and myself as Eddie. The first hard task we had to overcome was to make the first scene, the love scene between Rodolfo and Catherine to look serious, and to look like they mean what they say, with love and affection. We had to use the basic skills in which to make the scene look realistic. When they spoke, they held hands, looked straight into each others eyes. We also tried to make the conversation very flirty, for instance when Catherine says I love you! Rodolfo. I love you! we made Natasha hug Haakon to try and convey to the audience that the words had deep meaning. I thought the real advantage to doing this section was that if we achieved an atmosphere of tension between Rodolfo and Eddie then it would look brilliant. And all we needed to do was to have some very long, uncomfortable pauses. There were some really obvious places to use silence to develop the tension, but we choose to focus on when Rodolfo walks back into the Main room to discover Eddie, drunk. We tried to make it as if Eddie is shocked at Rodolfo for even being there and that he was even lost for words until he regains his voice, tries to act all hard again and aggressively points his finger at him. We also thought that at this time Eddie would be ready to leap at Rodolfo so we made sure that he couldnt by making Natasha stand in between the two, acting as a sort of a barrier. Another important part to the structure of the play is the increase of Rodolfos aggression. When he comes on, he comes out with Beatrice went to buy presents for her mother Now this we thought sounded very arrogant, as if to say that shes mine kind of way, so we made sure that he looked as confident as he sounds. So by making sure he stood up tall and talked with a deep voice and without stuttering. But this all changes when they start arguing so we have to try and show a little more timid-ness. We tried to show this in the remainder of his lines, the best example being yes, shell by my wife. Here he has just answered back to Eddie, so he knows that hes gone too far. So now he knows a fight is unavoidable and so he looks frightened and therefore starts to stutter his words. Haakon also has to look less rigid in posture to get this effect. So that it looks as if Eddie is bigger again. Things like the voice must be developed, which was hard as it had to sound like a real American Italian accent to enable to make the play realistic. So instead, we agreed between ourselves that wed all say the lines in our natural voices, otherwise the audience would be laughing at our efforts when they ought not to be. The two hardest parts to the extract was the two issues that Eddie had to perform on Catherine and Rodolfo while at the same time having to have a fight scene. The kissing of Catherine was easier. It just took me to have my back to the audience so that when I had my head close to Natashas, the audience could not see if our lips met. But with the combination of Natashas reaction of squirming around, and my body being rigid, it looked very much like we were kissing. Now the fight scene had to look realistic, not just an immature half effort towards another vital important part in the play, but at the same time we had to make sure that Haakon was going to be safe. Our basic plan was to do a judo trip across my leg, then pick him up by his tie and collar and kiss him on the cheek. Review Analysis Now considering how short a time we had to prepare for the performance, I thought that what we achieved was really a great effort from the whole group. In particular things like the kissing scenes where we dealt with the situation maturely, and it was so realistic that a lot of people asked afterwards if we actually kissed. But the thing I was most pleased with, mature approach we took to the challenge of this very difficult extract. There were a lot of places in the section the actors could have laughed through, but we all took the whole situation seriously. I think on a weaker point, that we failed to make the situation with Eddie and Rodolfo tenser then i think we could have managed. We all got very nervous on stage and so we rushed through our lines, creating very little suspense when it really have ought to. Another bad point was we failed to keep Haakon safe when performing the fight scene. He fell quite badly. But in general our section of the play was a great experience to act and direct in.

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Tips for Succcessful Essay Writing :: Education

Tips for Succcessful Essay Writing Being able to write a good essay does not come easy to the majority of current English students. The ability to excel in writing is not always something we can easily learn. Talented writers have the capability to reach into their soul and write from the heart. However, everyone does not possess this remarkable gift. Most of us struggle to achieve a level of adequate writing. Writing takes intense time and much thought to develop a well-planned essay. Bringing together all aspects of writing, such as: good descriptions, a proper structure, a good introduction and a clever title will give the audience a clear picture of what makes an essay good. Believe it or not, titles play an important role in the writing process. How many times have you flipped through a magazine and stopped only because you saw a title of an article that interested you. The title announces the topic clearly and as briefly as possible, as in the essay "Unlikely Learning". This essay deals with unlikely situations that you are placed in, because of your high school courses. The title of this essay would be considered a descriptive title. The other type of title is a suggestive title. This type of title is primarily used in an informal writing. The title, "The Value of Honesty", in our eyes, would be an example of a suggestive title. It describes the attitude of the author but not the exact topic. Yes, the essay is about honesty, but it is also about truthfulness. The title of an essay should not be the assignment given, or to restate the thesis, but it should attract the reader and make them want to read on. An introduction, in simple words, glves a background to the topic. It is one of the most important parts of the essay because it keeps the reader's interest of what they are about to read. The introduction will make the readers feel that what the essay is about will be of importance and interest to them. The thesis sentence is stated in the introduction. It is the one sentence that will tell the readers what the whole essay is about. The introduction is not very long but it is clear, precise, and to the point. A good introduction can either begin with a quote or ask questions. It can also contaln opinion words to either agree or dispute the topic of the writing.

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A Summary of the Manager Interview Questions

With the growth of worldwide globalization systems, it could not be denied that many people are transferring from one country to another. Some for business reasons, some for educational reasons and others just transfer for tourism purposes.Whatever it is that the different races transfer places, it could not be denied that in many ways, the said progressive movement of the human society towards the future raises several points of consideration in the human identity belonging to a certain ethnic group.Along with the global development comes the exchange of culture and other aspects of racial contributions such as language has been exchanged through immigration activities. This is the reason why it is very important for people to see to it that even though there is so much diversity in the world, language is still one of the keys by which a certain race’s ethnicity could be identified amidst diversity.With regards this fact, an interview was held by the author with an assistance manager named Andy Grady. He is a personnel manager in a high end clothing store named Kenneth Cole. The said business company is known for hiring people of different ethnicity and culture.This then drives the interviewer to have an interest with regards the capability of the manager in handling conflicts that may be considered in connection with hi ability in relating to the communication and personal development needs of the people. To be able to summarize the answers of the manager with regards the issue brought up herein shall be presented in the paragraphs that follow.Summary of interviewAccording to the interviewee, cultural diversity has usually been pointed as one reason why many companies around the world fall down. The fact that the differences include diverse preferences as well as individual personalities, the companies involved in such situations are naturally subjected to challenges of keeping the peace and unity within the community existent.The said five spheres of culture are mainly referred to as the region, industry, Company, Function and Profession. These five major factors making up the cultural diverse effects of having people from around the world work within a single company, usually identifies the importance of intercultural connection existing within the organization.These spheres are the ones pointed by many organizations as core reasons of dispute between members. With the use of the said spheres, the said company had been able to learn how to deal with many people of different cultures around the world. The barriers which were preempted to ruin the organization became the key for everyone’s united understanding of society not only within the business but also with the external communities that the members need to deal with everyday (Whitehead 2002).

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On Handling Exceptions in Delphi Exception Handling

Heres an interesting fact: No code is error free — in fact, some code is full of errors on purpose. Whats an error in an application? An error is an incorrectly coded solution to a problem. Such are logic errors that could lead to wrong function results where everything seems nicely put together but the result of the application is completely unusable. With logic errors, an  application might or might not stop working. Exceptions can include errors in your code where you try to divide numbers with zero, or you try using freed memory blocks  or try providing wrong parameters to a function. However, an exception in an application is not always an error. Exceptions and the Exception Class Exceptions are special conditions that require special handling. When an error-type condition occurs the program raises an exception. You (as the application writer) will handle exceptions to make your application more error-prone and to respond to the exceptional condition. In most cases, you will find yourself being the application writer and also the library writer. So you would need to know how to raise exceptions (from your library) and how to handle them (from your application). The article on handling errors and exceptions provides some basic guidelines on how to guard against errors using try/except/end and try/finally/end protected blocks to respond to or handle exceptional conditions. A simple try/except guarding blocks looks like: try ThisFunctionMightRaiseAnException();except//handle any exceptions raised in ThisFunctionMightRaiseAnException() hereend; The ThisFunctionMightRaiseAnException might have, in its implementation, a line of code like raise Exception.Create(special condition!); The Exception is a special class (one of a few without a T in front of the name) defined in sysutils.pas unit. The SysUtils unit defines several special purpose Exception descendants (and thus creates a hierarchy of exception classes) like ERangeError, EDivByZero, EIntOverflow, etc. In most cases, the exceptions that you would handle in the protected try/except block would not be of the Exception (base) class but of some special Exception descendant class defined in either the VCL or in the library you are using. Handling Exceptions Using Try/Except To catch and handle an exception type you would construct a on type_of_exception do exception handler. The on exception do looks pretty much like the classic case statement: try ThisFunctionMightRaiseAnException;excepton EZeroDivide dobegin//something when dividing by zeroend; on EIntOverflow dobegin//something when too large integer calculationend; elsebegin//something when other exception types are raisedend;end; Note that the else part would grab all (other) exceptions, including those you know nothing about. In general, your code should handle only exceptions you actually know how to handle and expect to be thrown. Also, you should never eat an exception: try ThisFunctionMightRaiseAnException;exceptend; Eating the exception means you dont know how to handle the exception or you dont want users to see the exception or anything in between. When you handle the exception and you need more data from it (after all it is an instance of a class) rather only the type of the exception you can do: try ThisFunctionMightRaiseAnException;excepton E : Exception dobegin ShowMessage(E.Message); end;end; The E in E:Exception is a temporary exception variable of type specified after the column character (in the above example the base Exception class). Using E you can read (or write) values to the exception object, like get or set the Message property. Who Frees The Exception? Have you noticed how exceptions are actually instances of a class descending from Exception? The raise keyword throws an exception class instance. What you create (the exception instance is an object), you also need to free. If you (as a library writer) create an instance, will the application user free it? Heres the Delphi magic: Handling an exception automatically destroys the exception object. This means that when you write the code in the except/end block, it will release the exception memory. So what happens if ThisFunctionMightRaiseAnException actually raises an exception and you are not handling it (this is not the same as eating it)? What About When Number/0 Is Not Handled? When an unhandled exception is thrown in your code, Delphi again magically handles your exception by displaying the error dialog to the user. In most cases, this dialog will not provide enough data for the user (and finally you) to understand the cause of the exception. This is controlled by Delphis top level message loop where all exceptions are being processed by the global Application object and its HandleException method. To handle exceptions globally, and show your own more-user-friendly dialog, you can write code for the TApplicationEvents.OnException event handler. Note that the global Application object is defined in the Forms unit. The TApplicationEvents is a component you can use to intercept the events of the global Application object.